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Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Party! Party?

We held a party last Saturday night, the first for three or four years.  Since we've been giving them at odd intervals since we moved into this house ( a third of a century ago) we're used to the process, but it's interesting to look at what has changed and what has remained the same.

Our friends have changed, for one. Many of the people we knew while the kids were at school have dropped out of our circles, and replaced by people we see more often such as my cyclists and Moonface's book-group members.  We still had a good turn-out, around fifty or so.  Where was the dancing? Our age has crept up on us so that this year, no-one took the initiative to clear the furniture and crank up the volume. I wasn't expecting much anyway, so didn't take much care with the selection of danceable music. I think that in the event we left the Concretes on repeat for most of the night.  There was too much talking going on anyway.

What has stayed much the same is the procedure.  At heart, we're still running a student party for the cohort of forty years ago.  Buy a couple of cases of beer or lager, a few bottles of wine & non-alcoholic drinks, nibbles and dips, then away you go. It took us a few hours to prepare including a shopping run to Lidl and moving the furniture around - and Voila - entertainment for many.


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